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General Details

Company: Lotto Networks Unlimited (LOT)
Outstanding Shares: 6,447,294
Company Website:

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: Ootje Timtam
Director of Sales and Marketing: Zenzion Zymurgy


CEO's Real Life Name: Not Specified
CEO's Real Life Location: Not Specified

Cash on Hand: L$80,000.00
Land Owned: 1,920m2
Land Value: L$40.00/m2
Net Tangible Assets: L$156,800.00

Monthly Income: L$115,000.00
Monthly Expenses: L$3,000.00

Chairman's Letter

Lotto Networks Unlimited is about excellence, entertainment, and profits. As the person in charge of shareholder value, I can say that this company is well worth owning. I will ensure that share holders receive the dividends and capital gains that come from the success of our managers, workers, and resources. My job is simple, the company's stock will speak for itself. The revenue, the profits, the growth, and much of the resources to back it are already in place. The intrinsic value of our stock will show in the profits that we share with our investors. As our company grows and our brand comes to be recognized al over SL as a name synonymous with superior, professional lotto entertainment, I will see that our stock reflects that for the investor.

Business Overview

Lotto has been a part of SL since its inception. With the current favourable environment it is poised to be for the long look ahead. The lotto market is in it early stage in SL and is ready for large expansion. Lotto Networks Unlimited is at the forefront of the development of the lotto entertainment experience. We stand for superior quality above all else. We have the talent and resources required to offer the best lottery based entertainment in SL and provide the largest profits from this sectror of the SL gaming world.
Our approach to lotto in a word is unlimited. Our lotto networks are in the process of spreading all over SL and our jackpots our generous and growing. We have profits and revenue form our operations and we expect to see double and triple digit growth within the first few months of operation as an SL publicly held and traded corporation. Buy a piece of our company and join with us as we bring entertainment and Lindens to SL residents. We intend to succeed.

Business Strategy

Our business strategy at Lotto Networks Unlimited begins with bringing together the best in lotto gaming with the best in database networking. Linking hundreds, and thousands of lotto terminals together brings the biggest and best jackpots to the SL public. We have three steady reliable and growing streams of revenue at Lotto Networks Unlimited. Our most important stream of revenue comes from our most popular lotto games which we franchise and license out to affiliates who help us grow our presence, profits and brand name. The same lotto terminal can be placed all over SL and bring lotto entertainment to the maximum number of avatars. The more networking, the more avatars who play, the bigger the jackpots, the more lindens for everyone. Our second stream of revenue comes from the development of customized lotto for high profile clientel. We have the most talented team ready to develope concept lotto entertainment for special customers who want to run their own lottery completely by themselves. These lotos are varied, diverse and always superior in entertainment value and are sold with complete rights to the buyer. Our third stream of revenue comes from popular lotto games that we operate exclusively. We expect to enjoy a steady and consistent flow of revenue from this part of our operation. This is an old standby that fills in and rounds out our green balance sheet. Our overhead is extremely low considering the profesional, elite lotto services and products we can provide. We expect our operations to expand tremendously in quantity. Our quality which is already extremely high we will strive to always improve. As we move forward we will seek to expand into other revenue streams and grow the market for lotto based entertainment.

Business Strengths

Not Specified

Market Overview

The gaming market in SL is thriving and growing. The lotto sub-sector of the gaming industry in SL has the most room to expand of any other. The market can handle much more volume and is waiting for a real professional team backed with public capital to come in and expand and develop. Lotto Networks Unlimited is just that team.

Use of Capital

We intend for up to 2/3rds of the proceeds from our IPO to be put into CAPEX. The returns on capital expenditure in the SL lotto sector are huge. We intend to develop our products to an elite level. While CAPEX will be an ongoing expenditure of Lotto Networks Unlimited, the returns on this investment will always be large. We see R&D; as returning large rewards. We will make capital expenditures in this area in order to bring eye popping lottos to the 3D graphic world of SL. All our CAPEX will bring to life the content and value of our services and products in SL. We will use the rest of the proceeds from our IPO to fund our working capital. We will provide salaries for our lotto script and design team and pay the small land tier for our outstanding HQ located on the mainland in the Aplastia sim.

Risk Factors

The risks to Lotto Networks Unlimited are the same as the risk to all of SL. As long as SL continues to thrive so will we. SL is a vibrant, creative and open 3D world and we see it as staying this way in the future. We expect more and more development in SL's economy and Lotto Networks Unlimited will be there as well. Should the worst happen and SL fail we will fold, but otherwise we see lots of green in the balance sheets ahead.


CEO Ootje Timtam (1963), of Dutch nationality, living in Belgium, is a self employed Macintosh/unix software developer. His clients are mainly tv/radio stations, advertising agencies and internet providers.

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