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General Details

Company: Tao Heavy Industries (THI)
Outstanding Shares: 5,000,000
Company Website:

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: Chao Mu
Investor Advisor: Jeff Emu
Investor Advisor: Jailbird Peterman
Investor Advisor: Topher Whitman
Investor Advisor: Andy Grant
Advisor - Land Division: Pablo Sienkiewicz
Board Member - Land Advisor: Thai Racer


CEO's Real Life Name: Seth Jay Goldberg
CEO's Real Life Location: Austin, Texas

Cash on Hand: L$600,000.00
Land Owned: 32,000m2
Land Value: L$15.00/m2
Net Tangible Assets: L$1,080,000.00

Monthly Income: L$600,000.00
Monthly Expenses: L$100,000.00

Chairman's Letter

Dear Investor's

Tao Heavy Industries (THI) expects tremendous growth as combined with the stability of the SL market, the stability and crossover of the Real World equivalent markets that we stand to be in and our expansion into the 3 largest areas of growth and income in SL. (Poker, Real-Estate, Investments). With our growth combined with an aggressive dividend policy creates the ability to achieve stimulating results of investment with our company. We are seeking additional Real Life backing as well and have the interest of several of the on line poker rooms looking to partner with us. Our teams are experts in their fields and the market conditions are ripe for full expansion into our targeted markets. It’s going to be one hell of a ride and we invite you to come along with us.

Chao Mu
CEO Tao Heavy Industries

Business Overview

Our business model is based on the following projects, we will show how the initial offering investment will effect and grow these areas.

Online Poker - Poker is a multi-billion dollar industry in the real world, it seems that every day a new poker house appears in second life, as well as a new poker TV show shows up on the networks. Most of the poker houses are failing due to improper management. The coding of poker objects is one of the hottest selling items in second life. We seek to invest in this industry in these ways

- Investment into the actual market (The Poker House)
- Investment into objects for other companies in the market (Objects for poker houses)
*Coding of specific poker objects that do not compete with the existing market capitalization of VGA poker (which holds 95% market share) but instead augment and add by creating objects that are needed but do not directly compete with the established market leader. In this way will penetrate by creating a larger field.
- Investment into objects for Poker Players
* Instructional in Nature, we are currently building out a media server to broadcast instructional video into SL for the players looking to improve their game.

Real Estate - Our land investment strategy is mild while we will have our own Gen 5 sim we will not need all the land, by going with the tried and true method of rental and sales we look to capitalize on otherwise unused land. We are aware that the land bubble is poised to break with the creation of the new mainland and are looking at ways to completely mitigate risk. We are also looking at creating turnkey solutions into the gaming sector thus creating a greater market for our "Main Brand"

Financial Investment - Money sitting under a sock is safe but does not grow. We look to invest into both short and long term low and medium risk investments. This is the main method that we plan to use to offer monthly dividend payments.

Business Strategy

- Heavy pre-sales of initial item in order to stimulate stock growth by offering a well valued dividend split in the first 45 days after listing
- Creation of a commission based version of the machine to increase penetration into the casino sector instead of just the poker sector and provide monthly revenue
- Opening of 3 locations 1 being a show room and the other 2 outlined above
- Further increase of our existing line of business which is outside the scope of the IPO (Texture's, Building Gadgets, to double its monthly totals from 40k a month to 80k a month)

Business Strengths

Real World Experience, Fresh Idea's

Please see the Business Overview Section.

Market Overview

VGA Games is our ONLY competitor on the gaming table, and we plan to market a game table that does not compete with there market share.

Please see the Business Overview Section.

Use of Capital

Capitol Funding Coder: 300k
Capitol Funding Land: Estimated at 250k
Initial Build out: 250k
Expansion of existing line of business: 50k
Prudent Reserve: 300k
Investment of the remaining

Risk Factors

With all investment into SL the major risk involved in the SL system itself.

We have shielded as much of our core business model from risk through diversification.

Please see the Business Overview Section.


CEO: Chao Mu

Chairman: Chao Mu
Director: Uberbastard Lollipop
Director: Julius Zinnemann

Adviser: Moana Carmona
Moana is a the COO of Montana's Poker House and one of our strategic partners.

Art:Kelly Dilwig

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