Cutting Edge Developments in Micro Modular Data Centers

data centerIf a person has read any current industry news, they will more than likely see the phrase “micro data center.” A lot of people may not know what a micro data center is. An internet search will bring up a lot of various references and the more people a person asks, the more the various answers that they will receive. The dictionary definition of micro is small scale or small when being compared to others that are like it. When it comes to micro data centers, how small is small?

The Word Small Has a Different Meaning For Every Person

The use of the word micro ought to be a good indication. However, as I said before, a lot of people have different definitions of the word small. What is small to one person could be really big to another person. An example of this is when the Internet/tech giants build facilities that are fifty to hundred megawatts in capacity. In their eyes, would a one-megabyte center be considered small? That is not likely to happen.

Some people are using the term “micro modular data center.” What this appears to mean is a data center that is kept in a prefabricated box and dropped in the middle of the desert or some other location that is an area that is far away from people. It has the appearance of a traditional data center but is deployed on a smaller scale.

Defining a Definition

There has not been a set meaning for the term micro data center until recently. The newly found definition for this term is: a self-contained, secure computing network that includes all the storage, processing, and networking required to run the customer’s applications. These centers are assembled and tested in a factory environment and shipped in a single enclosure that includes all the power, cooling, security, and associated management tools. A company named Schneider Electric believes that micro data centers that are made of 1-10 IT racks are essential to serve an emerging data center market, that is searching for resolutions that are quick to deploy and are appropriate for a great variety of applications that are in need of low latency and/or high bandwidth. The general idea is that a micro data center can come in a lot of various sizes and form factors and they can be used in office environments or in outdoor applications. Micro modular data centers have evolved over the years as well.

data centerA data center is also the physical location that is used to store house computer systems and the components that go with it, like telecommunications and storage systems. It consists of backup supplies, redundant data communications connections, in room environmental conditions like keeping a room cool, suppressing fire in it, and security. The largest data centers are industrial scale operations, that use up the amount of energy that a little city uses.